Services Offered

Midwest Prevention and Recovery Care

Mid West Prevention and Recovery Care (PARC) provides professional clinical and rehabilitation services for people aged 16-64 years who are in the relapse prevention or management phase of mental illness. This short-term program is provided in a supportive residential setting and is highly individualised; with staff working intensively with clients, family, carers and other service providers to ensure the client receives the treatment and support necessary to maximise recovery and navigate a transition back to the community.

Break Thru provides short term residential care (10 beds) and offers 24 hours a day supervised care, complemented by on-site clinical support and treatment provided by Mid West Area Mental Health Service staff.

The client-focused model used at Mid West PARC aims to enhance, develop and nurture the client’s ability to have greater control over important life choices, and to strengthen their hope and motivation for change and recovery. Mid West PARC also caters for people with complex mental health needs and those who are from diverse CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) backgrounds.

The Mid West Prevention and Recovery Care service is a collaborative initiative between two clinical Area Mental Health Services – North Western Mental Health and Mercy Mental Health, and community Mental Health Services – Break Thru and Western Region Health Centre.

Referral to this service can be made via Mid West Area Mental Health Service Case Manager or through North Western Triage (1300 874 243).