Joining Our Team



Talented, engaged and aligned people hold the key to the creation of long term value and competitive advantage. Being an employer of choice validates the work we do to attract, engage and retain our people and brings us closer to achieving our Key Strategic Our People Goal that states:

We will recognise and value the talent, skills, attributes and knowledge of our people as a key to generating and sustaining our competitive advantage and organisational capability.

This is a critical goal for the organisation and we aim to achieve it beyond all expectations. In fact, our actions and commitment in this area have already been recognised with our recent national award.

At Break Thru, we pride ourselves on being thought leaders in this industry and we aim to lead by example. Through our work, we aim to change Australian society for the better by being more inclusive and accepting of diversity in the workplace.

To help us achieve this aim and be the best support service in Australia, we provide an employment environment that not only encourages and rewards our very best, but allows the flexibility needed in today’s society. It’s absolutely critical that we also model the same diversity within Break Thru that we advocate. This means our workplace accommodates and encourages a rich variety of cultures, abilities and differences.

As a learning organisation, we have a workplace culture that focuses on our people in an attempt to balance work and family. Features such as paid maternity leave, flexible salary packaging arrangements, significant performance bonuses as well as flexible hours, job sharing and part-time work opportunities meet both our business needs and the personal needs of our staff. Our performance is strongly linked to attracting, selecting, training, developing and retaining skilled people.

By offering all of our teams a genuine say in how the organisation is run, and by providing meaningful career paths and professional development programs, our intellectual capital continues to grow and as a result sustain our competitive advantage within the community and employment services sector.