What is the NDIS?
The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is a new way of providing individualised funding to people and their families and carers. The NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) administers the Scheme and funds individuals with reasonable and necessary support items in a plan. The NDIA are rolling out the Scheme in stages across Australia. More information is available via www.ndis.gov.au.

Can you help me with the NDIS?
Yes. We are a registered provider under the Scheme and we are delivering services to many people like you already. If you have a NDIS funded plan, make an appointment with us to discuss the services you need.

What is an I am able Setup Plan?
Our obligation free I am able Setup Plan saves time and maximises the support you receive through the NDIS. We work with you to understand and plan your support needs now and into the future. Take your I am able Setup Plan with you to your NDIS planning meeting and get your ideal package. By developing a I am able Setup Plan with a Break Thru consultant we will consider all areas of your life to maximise the assistance you receive. With I am able… we truly listen to you, so you get the support you deserve.

What is an NDIS Advocate?
An NDIS Advocate is a representative who works with you to support the preliminary development of your NDIS Plan. A Break Thru NDIS Advocate can also accompany you to your NDIS Planning session.

I have applied for the NDIS and I am waiting on receiving a funded plan. Should I get your help now?
Yes. It is better to prepare early and discuss what services you may need. We will complete an I am able Setup Plan with you that will clearly outline what you will need. This is the best way to prepare for your NDIS appointment with a Planner in the Scheme. Contact us for a free I am able Setup Plan.

I want to apply for the NDIS but would like to get advice and guidance first. Do you provide this?
Yes. We have considerable experience assisting people and their families and carers to understand how the application process works and the best way to complete the forms and gather the right documentation. Contact us for an obligation free consultation.

Are there registered NDIS providers other than Break Thru I am able?
Yes. The Scheme gives you choice and control over what provider you wish to use. We work in partnership with other providers if the funded supports in your plan require a greater range of expertise.

Can I access your services without a NDIS funded plan?
Yes. There are other sources of funding that could be used. We will explore these options with you in an obligation free consultation.

Can your services be accessed without being in receipt of Centrelink or Disability Support Pension benefits?
Yes. Everyone’s situation is different. It’s best to discuss your personal circumstances with us in an appointment.

Can you give examples of the service experienced by Break Thru’s I am able customers?
Yes. See our news and stories here.

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