Life is about choice and control… Being able to choose your own life experiences and adventures… Being able to determine who you share your life experiences and adventures with…
Being able to create your future your way.
With I am able, the choice is yours.

I am able to…

Access the NDIS

With I am able, the choice is yours.

Break Thru will help you design a free I am able Setup Plan. NDIS customers are provided with information and referrals, support to access community services and activities, personal plans and supports over a lifetime. We help you to understand and access the NDIS
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Find and keep a job

Contribute • Earn

Break Thru can help you to find and keep a job!
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Find a place to live

Rent a Unit • Choose a flatmate

Break Thru can help with your accommodation and tenancy arrangements, finding you a home that suites your ongoing needs
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Build skills for life

Cook for my family • Get to work on time

Working with you, Break Thru will support you to extend your daily living and life skills, including household; gardening; reading and maths; budgeting; self-care and parenting
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Get expert advice and guidance

Coordinate my supports • Plan my purchases

We work closely with you to learn about you and your interests and help you to be more independent, access your community and find the right supports for you
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Enjoy my community

Participate • Join a group • Make friends

Break Thru will work with you to learn about you and your interests, and help you to be more social, get out of the house, play sports, plan activities and have more fun
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Plan and manage my NDIS

Choose a provider • Manage my NDIS budget

Break Thru will work with you on the financial management and coordination of your NDIS package, so you can plan your future
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Continue my education

Go to school • Get an education • Learn

Break Thru can help you to further your education, learn what you want to learn, go back to school, or get better at the things you’re interested in
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Travel-go where I want to go

Build my skills to catch a bus or train • Rent a modified vehicle

Break Thru can assist with your travel options, like one-to-one travel training or with adapted vehicles that suit your needs
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My Therapeutic Supports

Improve My Independence • Communicate

Break Thru will work with you to learn about your needs and provide therapeutic supports to help you build your skills for independence
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Early Childhood Supports

Develop • Learn

Break Thru will work with your family on your child’s development
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Positive Behaviour Support

Engage • Participate

Break Thru will work with you to develop a positive behaviour support plan and develop steps to reduce behaviours of concern to you and your family
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Physical Wellbeing

Eat Well • Access The Gym

Break Thru will provide tailored assistance to help you include healthy practices in your daily routine
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  • Two years ago I went through a tough time. I was feeling depressed most of the time and didn’t accept myself. I only had rare sparks of happiness. It was like living a nightmare. I thought everybody went through the same thing. I started to hear voices, lose control of my emotions and do strange things. I thought people weren’t enjoying my company and were turning against me.

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  • I used to attend a day program for over 8 years where I participated in different activities based in both the centre and the community. I decided that I wanted to develop new skills so that I could get a job, meet new people and try new things. I also wanted to find a way to use of my passion for food. I decided it was time for a change.

    John, Learn More
  • Without warning my immediate family had to travel overseas for 5 weeks to visit family abroad. My family were concerned because I still live with them and receive support from them. I told them that I didn’t want to go because I don’t like flying and that I didn’t want to attend the respite service either. Although I had previously used this service, I really didn’t want to go back there because it’s noisy and I don’t always like the food.

    Jane, Learn More

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