Work for the Dole

Break Thru delivers Work for the Dole activities to provide candidates with work experience which helps them to learn new skills and improve their chance of finding sustainable employment. These Work for the Dole activities include volunteer work with not-for-profit organisations, or local, state, territory or Australian Government agencies.

As a candidate, you will benefit from taking part in Work for the Dole activities by:

  • developing on-the-job skills
  • demonstrating abilities to potential employers
  • obtaining references from work experience employers
  • making new work contacts
  • taking part in training
  • staying connected to the workforce

You will have opportunities to develop skills in a range of tasks such as:

  • maintenance of vehicles and buildings
  • landscaping or gardening
  • office or retail
  • customer service
  • hospitality, including food preparation
  • woodworking, painting, decorating, metalworking or electrical testing
  • restoring historic buildings and vehicles