Job Seeker

Break Thru will support you through every step in getting a job. Once you’ve found one, the support won’t stop there! We will continue to provide you with advice and guidance.

We are also one of Australia’s largest Disability Employment Services providers and a Registered Training Organisation.

Who we help

We help job seekers under the Australian Government’s Disability Employment Services initiatives. Depending on your circumstances we offer as little or as much help as you need. You might:

  • have been unemployed for a short time or a long time
  • have worked for years then been retrenched
  • never have worked due to disability or illness, including mental illness
  • be returning to work after caring for family
  • have had a brush with the criminal justice system.

From our first meeting we aim to build a trusting partnership with you. We take time to find out what you are good at and what you like doing. You might need help with a resume, interview coaching or your needs might be greater. We want you to enjoy the benefits of working as soon as possible. We provide:

  • dedicated Consultants to assist you in finding the right job
  • help to increase effective resumes
  • access to a wide selection of loyal employers
  • help developing work skills
  • career goal development
  • access to work experience
  • referral to specialist employment programs
  • identifying and funding work equipment for eligible job seekers
  • on the job training and ongoing support
  • access to Allied Health Services
  • counselling and personal support
  • self-employment opportunities

Need training to help you find work?

We can help you access accredited and non-accredited training.

If you haven’t studied for a while don’t worry – we’ll do everything we can to help you get through. We have flexible training options to suit every job seeker.

Need more than employment support?

We understand that sometimes you may need extra support outside the workplace. That’s why we have a professional team of staff ready to discuss the support available to you. Break Thru can:

  • provide referral information on community services
  • help you by advocating on your behalf with these services or a range of other agencies such as governmental departments
  • provide in-house counselling and Allied-Health support