Disability Employment Services

Disability Employment Services Disability Employment Services (DES) delivers employment assistance for candidates with disability, injury or health conditions to find and retain employment. DES offers opportunities to ensure that everyone who is able to participate in the competitive labour market has the best support to develop their skills, training and confidence to find and keep a job.

DES offers two demand driven programmes:

DES – Disability Management Services (DES-DMS) provides services to eligible candidates with a temporary or permanent disability, injury or health condition but who are not expected to need regular, long term support in the workplace.

DES – Employment Support Services (DES-ESS) is available to eligible job seekers with permanent disability who need assistance to find a job and who are assessed as needing regular long-term Ongoing Support in the workplace.

As a DES provider, Break Thru will:

  • help all eligible candidates, regardless of their level of disadvantage, by providing individually tailored assistance to develop pathways into sustainable employment
  • build effective linkages with employers to understand and meet their skills and labour needs, including working with employers to identify job vacancies and match suitable candidates to those vacancies
  • connect candidates to appropriate skills development opportunities
  • build linkages and work cooperatively with local community and health services, registered training organisations and other service providers