Break Thru is not your average employment service. We are an Australian owned not for profit organisation offering a range of specialist services to employers. We see ourselves as a Community Business.

Our employment services provide you with skilled and motivated staff by taking the hassle out of recruiting. The right person is matched to your business needs and our services are free of charge.

Our unique service offers employers a competitive advantage. Our professional consultants work with you to tailor a recruitment process and help design diversity policies, which will allow you to enjoy the benefits of a diverse workforce.

The benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce for your business

Whether you are a large, medium or small enterprise, Break Thru can provide you with a tailored recruitment and training service that enables you to recruit and retain the best person from our diverse talent pool. This diverse group includes parents returning to work, people with a disability, Indigenous Australians, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, youth, mature aged job seekers and more.

Some of the benefits of using Break Thru’s talent pool include:

  • Accessing motivated and reliable workers eager for an opportunity
  • Decreasing absenteeism and staff turnover, which increases your bottom line
  • Improving safety records through rigorous training
  • “Ready to go” skilled candidates
  • Improve your business productivity with our free job matching service
  • Improving staff morale by giving a person a go and watching the develop into loyal and productive employees
  • Increasing customer loyalty though stronger local community engagement
  • Accessing skilled candidates looking to return to work in part time or job sharing roles giving you flexibility in rostering and staff management
  • Improving your bottom line with innovative workplace solutions that identify and retain talent

The Right Match

Before recruiting, we conduct an analysis of your workplace requirements, ensuring we find the right candidate for your needs. Our post-placement support ensures a new employee settles into a role and meets your professional standards. We can also supply, to an eligible candidates and employer, workplace modifications and equipment free of charge.

Employer Assist program

At Break Thru, we understand how important it is to quickly find the right employee for your business. That is why we have created our ‘Employer Assist’ telephone hotline. We are keen to provide solutions that will save you time, stress and money. If we are unable to address your business needs directly, we will make it our business to refer you to someone who can. You can even choose to use this service to give us feedback on how your new employee is settling in.

To access Employer Assist call 1800 133 438.