Other services

Break Thru delivers a range of other community programs and services from our network or over 80 offices nationwide. Information about these services along with links to further information is below.

Training Services

TrainingAs a nationally Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Break Thru Training Services offers a pathway to success for businesses and individuals seeking an advantage in today’s competitive business environment. Our vocational education services deliver the highest quality training including nationally recognised courses and job-ready skills. We have the resources and expertise to assist employers in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland with services in capital cities and regional locations.

Better still our training is delivered quickly and professionally and is great value for money. Our courses deliver current and relevant skills to assist you to get back to doing what you do best. Whether that’s running your business with a highly skilled workforce or getting that great next job, we can help you!

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Mental Health Service
mentalhealthBreak Thru’s mental health programs are founded on the principles of person-centred planning. Put simply, our care is personalised. Built on core values of inclusion and empowerment, the programmes take a recovery-orientated approach to wellness. We are committed to working in partnership with each individual to build their independent living skills through community integration and the provision of social determinants to health needs (education, employment, housing, and transport). We believe that the recovery pathway is a highly personalised journey that requires constant collaboration with clients and carers, and is informed by each person’s unique strengths, preferences, needs and experiences. This is fundamental to clients achieving self-determination and independence..

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Disability Services

mentorsBreak Thru’s Disability Services offer a variety of programs that work in partnership with each individual to assist them build their skills and life experiences through employment, community integration, independent living skills, social/recreational activities and further education. We believe that individual service, client choice, fun and companionship are the keys to assisting individuals meet their goals and aspirations.Break Thru has an extensive array of services available for people with a disability.

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