Break Thru - Droga5


“I have learnt how to survive in the world, how to take care of myself in the world, how to find a home, how to find work, shop for food, how to pay my bills and how to work with money and banking. I have achieved work at the Palace Hotel in Coogee. My TC’s have been helpful.”
– Jonathan

“My consultants are very supportive. If I needed to talk, they are always ready and happy to help with work.”
– Vicky



“My 2 years in TTW has been great. I’ve learnt communication skills, interview skills, how to interact with other people, being confident, self esteem and I’m now motivated. TTW has helped me to get work experience in McDonalds. I’ve gained some experience about work, and my Transition Consultant (TC) has been supporting me the whole journey. I’ve met new people from different cultures and I know how to work with other people.”
– Timmy

“I liked my time at TTW because my TC’s help me learn how to catch a bus and train. My consultant also helped me to get a job and I can now travel there by myself.”
– Sarah