Services Offered

LCSMM_services_1 Life Choices Clients are encouraged to participate in the programs offered or programs of their choice. Program areas include community integration; education-literacy/numeracy, computer skills, independent living skills, money skills and shopping, social/recreational activities; voluntary/community Work, art/craft, music/drama/dance, yoga and self development.

Self Managed Model includes, but is not limited to;

  • Develop an individual plan that is person centred,
  • Provide support and mentoring to individuals and their families/carers on the Self Managed Model, support families and carers to become familiar and more confident in the planning and budgeting process.
  • Provide timely accurate information to assist individuals and families make informed decisions.
  • Facilitate seminars and support groups so families can share their experiences, including guest speakers and subject matter experts.
  • Support and provide assistance to families to develop a budget that identifies activities and experiences to help an individual reach their goals.
  • Monthly statements to assist an individual monitor their spending and plan for future activities.