Services Offered

Day Programs’ aim is to provide fun, interesting activities and opportunities for adults with a disability that involve learning, interacting, establishing new friendships and being active members of the community.

The support provided at Day Programs is designed to meet each person’s support requirements and personal aspirations. Each client chooses their own individual programs, activities and events each month. Individual planning is achieved through consultation with the client, their family and friends.


Arts and Craft:
Playing music, singing, dancing, photography or painting

Creative writing, current affairs, photo and art shop, learning to use the internet, editing magazines, interviews, using the phone, along with signs and symbols.

Sports and Recreation:
Cricket, football, ten pin bowling, visiting the gym, bush walking, swimming, water therapy and more…

How to use our community, meeting people and making friends, attending events, visiting places of interest and travelling on public transport.

Work Experience:
Fruit and Veg Co-op, working in the markets, cafe, car detailing, packing and distributing pamphlets and goods, visiting work places, construction and many more…

Life Education:
Learning about the human body, human emotions, well being, nutrition, preparation of meals, cleaning the house, washing and ironing.

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